Customs operations have been handled over the decades by our staff with great experience and proved professionalism.
The speed of customs operations is guaranteed by our computerized simplified procedure which enables us to clear customs in very short time.
These operations include various types of products and need an accurate analysis for the correct payment of duty and tax for imports and the correct declaration for exports.
In particular for the imports from non EU-countries, our Company offers a service of private bonded warehousing.
As a result of our reliable operation, the Customs Office in Veneto Region, has granted us the possibility of managing our own customs warehouse where goods from all over the world are stored and subsequently cleared in whole or partially according to the necessity and instructions of the Client.
The financial benefits are evident: the possibility of paying duty and import tax later and only when the goods are delivered to the consignee for their use.

Our Services for customs clearance:

  • Customs documents for all the products exported, imported or in transit
  • Counseling and resolution of issues related to customs services for import and export of any type of product
  • Intrastat Declarations
  • Temporary export
  • Temporary import
  • Ministerial authorizations
  • Outward processing traffic
  • Ministerial authorizations for inward traffic
  • Fiscal customs warehouse
  • Consular visas and ministerial licenses