“In House” Logistics or on site

We have brought our know-how to the clients’ premises adapting the existing systems improving the effectiveness and quality, creating more space in the warehouse to allocate to other productive activities.
We look at the structures of the customers secondary activities not related to the core business of the company and define with the same, areas of intervention and reorganization through a lean system aimed at eliminating waste and making savings.
Our main aim is to improve the logistics flow through constant monitoring of indicators of performance.
We create the right synergies to better manage resources also considering the possibility of taking charge of the manpower and real estate of the customers.
It will be possible to manage the warehouses with the efficiency of a logistics partner able to monitor and improve the supply chain management for a continuous and always evolving relationship.

Outsourcing Logistic

Barth Italiana is a modern services Company always orientated towards the needs of the customer, offers the total management of warehouses, with telematic control of the goods thanks to the WMS system (Warehouse Management System) directly connected with the customer guaranteeing an up to date stock check.