Barth Italiana

The Barth Italiana Group, a leader in logistics and integrated management of products, has always been at the service of industries and commerce throughout the world with personalized solutions.
Founded in 1978, parallel to the transport business, specializes in integrated logistics, providing their customers with management of stock on their premises and their branches in all of Europe.
We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers through a quality management system certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
The family management allows us to study and to follow customer projects in the best way with their specific needs by improving efficiency and quality in the management of goods.

The Quality Group is made up of various Italian and foreign Companies which offer different and specific services according to the requests of the customers:

Barth Italiana is the first Company of our group which deals with national and international forwarding.
Daily shipments (by road, sea, air) are organized for the most important destinations in Europe and throughout the world.

Pgz Logistica

PGZ Logistica has decades of experience in integrated logistics activities,
which offers any type of management service for any kind of product in their own premises or directly by the customer, using the most modern handling equipment and computer programs constantly updated, thanks to radio frequency and barcode systems that permit an immediate control of quantities and location guaranteeing the FIFO